Why you need a business idea journal

You just had a brilliant idea. But wait, you're stuck in the middle of something else. What do you do? Ignore the idea? Hope it sticks around?

Write It Down, Now!

Don't let that business idea slip away!

You can't force a lightbulb moment. So, stop and jot the idea of yours down.

For all we know that fleeting thought could be your ticket to your million-dollar venture.

Why Everyone Needs a Business Idea Journal

Ideas are like dreams; they can vanish as quickly as they appear. And just like dreams:

They'll likely never return.

So, always have a way to capture them. Use a notebook, a phone app, a napkin—whatever works. Just don't let it escape!

Ever noticed how the best ideas pop up at the weirdest times? That's why a business idea journal isn't just a nice-to-have; it's a must-have.

That is reason number one:

  • Your business idea journal serves as a storage. You just brain dump your idea into it. Then you can go on with what you're currently doing.

But there's another reason:

Business ideas need a home to grow.

Think of your business idea journal as an incubator.

  • It allows you to revisit your ideas. It keeps the unconscious working on it in the background.
  • You can add additional ideas, plans, sketches, research, etc.
  • This allows your raw ideas to mature into viable business concepts.

Plus, it's a great way to track your creative journey!

Organize? Maybe, But Don't Overdo It

Keep it simple and accessible.

When it comes to jotting down business ideas, don't stress over organization. The key is preserving the idea.

You want to be able to revisit them easily. So, the first step is writing them down in one place.

A physical notebook, your notes app, Notion, Obsidian—choose what's effortless for you.

Key is to transfer your ideas into one single place.

Tags, categories, folders or dedicated notebook pages? Go for it if you feel the need. But it's not necessary.

The aim is to capture the idea before it flutters away, not to create a masterpiece of organization.

I keep all my ideas in a single markdown file within my Obsidian vault.

Revisit and Expand Your Ideas

Business ideas evolve. But only if you revisit them.

I regularly look at my notes. Sometimes I can add to one idea. Sometimes I erase one.

By flipping through your idea journal your past self might surprise and inspire your present.

Sometimes, an idea you scribbled down months ago suddenly clicks with your current situation. Before you know it, you've got a full-blown business plan ready. Patience is key.

When to Drop Everything for a New Business Idea?

The new idea is a wild bird; catch it.

So, here's my rule of thumb when it comes to deciding to drop what I'm doing to write the idea down:

The new idea always wins.


Because your current task is already safe and sound, captured in your schedule or to-do list. But the new idea?

It's wild and fleeting. Capture it before it's gone. It's not about abandoning your current task, but about ensuring no idea gets left behind.

Capturing takes 1-2 minutes. After that I'll continue my task.

A Business Idea Journal Is More Than Written Thoughts

Your business idea journal is more than a collection of thoughts; it's a treasure trove of potential.

Writing down your ideas allows you to revisit them. You can expand your thinking later.

You're not just keeping track of your thoughts; you're nurturing your future success.

So, grab that journal, catch those wild ideas, and watch as they grow into the business ventures of your dreams.